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“ Adulthood, for many people, has become a long hangover created by childhood ” Adam Phillips

Jaeques LacanSigmund Freud

Psychotherapy is a psychological technique for the treatment of emotional suffering and mental ill-health.

At Midland Psychotherapy we practice a form of psychotherapy based on the theories and techniques developed by Sigmund Freud and his successor Jacques Lacan. This classical psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy differs from other forms of 'talk therapy', such as counselling, in the emphasis that is placed on the unconscious workings of the mind.

Psychotherapy is based on an understanding that we all have an unconscious dimension to our mind and this unconscious has a significant impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By the term Unconscious we should understand that something of our inner life is radically hidden from us and cannot be accessed in the way other memories, thoughts and feelings can, indeed, is inaccessible without someone else's help, which is where a psychotherapist comes in.

What Psychotherapy has demonstrated is that dreams, symptoms, mistakes and even what makes us laugh can provide valuable clues to this unconscious activity and an analysis of these features of our life can allow us to start to speak about what was previously hidden. By finding a way to speak about what had been hidden it becomes possible to resolve the unconscious conflicts that are often the root-cause of experiences such as depression and anxiety.

Above all, the work of Freud and Lacan makes clear the relationship between our unconscious mind and the language we use. For this reason speech is central to the process of psychotherapy. Midland Psychotherapy invites you into a uniquely neutral and confidential space, a space that exists outside of everyday social norms and conventions, where inhibitions can be lifted and you can speak with total freedom. Through this process, known as 'free association', the unconscious meaning behind your emotional experience can become known, allowing you to live a fuller more meaningful life.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact Ivan at 086 2032384 or write to info@midlandpsychotherapy.ie , Ivan will be happy to answer any questions you have about psychotherapy and discuss whether this might be the right option for you.